Founded in July 2016 by two experts of genomics and software development, Traaser is developing innovative genome interpretation solutions for different medical applications: aid to diagnosis and therapeutic guidance, biomarker research, or clinical trial enrolment.


The genomic medicine: it is a reality!


In the context of personalized medicine, our solution is designed for healthcare providers who are facing massive and complex genomics data interpretation. While sequencing technology provides an easy access to the whole genetic information of patients, interpretation of millions of variations present in the genome is very complex, error-prone and time consuming. Hence, robust interpretation workflow is now becoming a major constraint to the development of clinical genomics.


Based on our expertise and experience, we conceived and develop a complete software solution to manage the interpretation workflow.


- Automation: A powerful, robust, precise and complete solutions to analyze genomics data in a clinical context.

- Revolutionary design: A revolutionary genome interface helps the interpretation of complex information, saving time for taking his decision.

- End-to-End solution: Designed for the clinicians, Traaser fills the gap of genomics medicine by providing the clinicians the pertinent information for day to day medical decision.


Our ambition is to revolutionize the medicine by introducing genetics and informatics into the daily life of physicians. Our expert system based technology enables the analysis of genomics and biological data for each patient, contributing to a new personalized medicine of the future.

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F Artiguenave is doctor in molecular genetics and owns a MBA from Mannheim and ESSEC business Schools. He has been Director of the bio-informatics department at the French National Center of Genotyping. With more than 15 years of experience in Research in France and Brazil, François Artiguenave has been working in research institutes like Genoscope or in startups. During his career, he led human polymorphism studies and innovated in data integration matters. Member of the international Human Genome Consortium, François Artiguenave participates to several European workshops for the personalized medicine set up (EU-KIC Innolife, EU-CSA PerMed). With a long experience and proven expertise illustrated with over 60 publications, his double competence gives him a large vision of opportunities and challenges of the genomics revolution.

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R. Eckenberg, PhD in Biotechnology, has 15 years of experience in informatics for life sciences in different start-ups and in industry. Before joining Traaser he was leadin the development of a software portfolio in a major industrial group.

His former experience in the development of software for Life Sciences and his knowledge about the competitive landscape gives him a strategic position in the company by conducting the R&D activities.

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If you are a scientist in our domains of expertise and are willing to join the exciting and innovative project led by Traaser, send us your application (CV + cover letter) to

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